Barnstorm is an online literary journal sponsored by the MFA Program in Creative Writing at the University of New Hampshire. Started in 2009, we strive to publish the best creative nonfiction, poetry, and short stories. We accept submissions from all types of writers from all walks of life and do not require an MFA degree to submit.  Email us at barnstormjournal@gmail.com.

More information: MFA Program | UNH home.

Editor-in-Chief // Lily Greenberg

Lily Greenberg is a poet from Nashville, Tennessee and a third-year poetry student in the University of New Hampshire's MFA Writing program. She lives in Dover, New Hampshire and works as a research writer for her university. Her interests include bookbinding, hiking, feminist theology, and experimental music.

Nonfiction Editor // Lindsey Wente

Lindsey is a second-year creative nonfiction student. She was born and raised in Minnesota but has lived periodically in Thailand, London, and now New Hampshire. She reads star charts and Tarot cards in her free time. If she was a plant, she would be a Saguaro cactus because she's watery and gooey on the inside but is a little prickly and intense on the outside. She is excited to read your work! 

Fiction Editor // Danley Romero

Danley is a second-year MFA student interested in queerness, surrealism, introspection and short forms. He is currently working on a collection of stories for his thesis. When he’s not writing, reading, editing or workshopping, Danley enjoys long walks, staring at walls, and practicing and teaching cello.

Poetry Editor // Eve Glassergreen

Eve is a second-year MFA student who writes both poetry and fiction. Before coming to UNH, Eve earned her BA from Cornell University in English and French. She is a competitive long-distance runner and looks up to writers who use running as part of their creative process.

Arts Editor // Heidi Turner

Heidi is a first-year fiction student. Originally from Maui, Hawaii, she completed her Undergraduate and Master of Arts degrees at Azusa Pacific University in Southern California. In her off time, she enjoys playing guitar and ukulele, drinking tea, and traveling to new places, on the page or otherwise. 

Managing Editor // Via D'Agostino

Via is a second-year fiction student, and her writing tends to focus on human and animal rights as well as the environment. Her favorite genre of fiction is fantasy. When she isn’t reading or writing, Via loves to hike in the mountains and travel to far-flung corners of the world. 


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