“Foundations” by Mary Zelinka

15 October 2021 on Nonfiction

Eons ago, South Florida lay beneath the ocean. As the ocean receded, exposing the seabed, the sand and shells and an infinite number of minute dead sea creatures baked in...


“A Long Silence” by Paula Brancato

08 October 2021 on Poetry

A Long Silence                 It had been 20-odd years        since he and I         had been close  enough to share a bed. An old man now, decidedly...


“Huai’an Dawn” by Tingyu Liu

08 October 2021 on Poetry

Huai'an dawn I.My mother as a girl: first to wake each winter morning,she fills up the family’s tin basin, dutifully tilted to dull the stream’s cold, sharp ring. Slim hands submerged, she scrubs—father’s...


Jumpstarting Creativity

06 October 2021 on Blog, Storystorm

by Heidi Turner We’ve all been there—a blank document (or sheet of paper, if you’re into that), an open stretch of time that is filled to the brim with creative...


“Seeking the Beating Heart in Times of Plague” by Geoffrey Waring

01 October 2021 on Fiction

    Crystal had spent the better part of a month trying to influence a bird to move a t-shirt someone had dropped behind her tombstone to the stone’s top...


From the team: What we look for in a nonfiction piece

24 September 2021 on Blog, Storystorm

When you submit nonfiction writing to Barnstorm, a diligent team of real-life experts reviews your work—first alone, hunched over their laptops, then together, huddled around pizza and/or beer. These are...


“Fragment” by Katherine Gaffney

24 September 2021 on Poetry

In the lane opposite us, my love and I witness a car stopped beneath the train trestle, both driver and passenger depart their vehicle to remove a Canadian goose from...


“Be Quiet” by Brian McCurdy

30 April 2021 on Nonfiction

My son, Leo, talks a lot. From the moment he is fully awake in the morning, at the breakfast table in robe and slippers, to the moment he is back...


Three Poems by Simon Perchik

23 April 2021 on Poetry

*You wipe one stain against anotherreminding this napkin to start storing fatfor winter and the night ahead a quiet swipe, simple so its edgesslow down, are dozing offalready dreaming about...


First Lines and Last Words

21 April 2021 on Blog, Storystorm

First impressions matter when it comes to the way that a reader—or for that matter, an editor— enters a poem. If I am reading for pleasure, I decide whether to...


“Rhapsody” by Elise Gallagher

16 April 2021 on Fiction

Addy Baumann walked through the Boston Public Garden with her mouth closed tight against the zipper of a black coat she found at Goodwill. It was long but worn thin....


Writing Objects and Images in Fiction

07 April 2021 on Blog, Storystorm

Writing objects and images through the eyes and mind of a character can revolutionize a piece of fiction, opening up an emotional depth and connection to characters for the reader,...

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