The Writer's Hot Seat

Interview with Julia Cooke

27 November 2021 on Blog, Nonfiction, The Writer's Hot Seat

Julia Cooke is the author of two books: Come Fly the World: The Jet Age Story of the Women of Pan Am (2021), and The Other Side of Paradise: Life...

The Writer's Hot Seat

Interview with Lily King

20 November 2021 on Blog, Fiction, The Writer's Hot Seat

Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing novelist Lily King, who was visiting the University of New Hampshire as part of the English Department’s long-standing Writer’s Series. She was incredibly...


“How to Eat a Ceci Bean” by Greg Bowers

19 November 2021 on Nonfiction

She rolled each ceci bean between the thumb and index finger of her left hand until the peel came loose and dropped into a saucer. Then, before she popped the...


“Fourth of July last year” by Brennan Burnside

11 November 2021 on Poetry

Fourth of July last year My mother was buried in the hospital, folded up with her family’s dishes, placed in the storage room where she grew weight and time hung...

The Writer's Hot Seat

An Interview with poet Candice Reffe

25 October 2021 on Blog, Poetry, The Writer's Hot Seat

Candice Reffe's poems have been published in Denver Quarterly, Hotel Amerika, Poetry Daily, Riddle Fence, Verse Daily, and Witness, among other publications. Candice spent many years in New York City...


“Matriarchs” by Sarah Boudreau

25 October 2021 on Fiction

The auction was coming to a close: ten minutes left for one of the stones Virginia Woolf used to weigh down her pockets before she drowned. Alice sat propped up...


“Much Earlier than God” by Dmitry Blizniuk

20 October 2021 on Poetry

Much Earlier than God Early morning fog is thrown onto the lowlands of the citylike a blue fox fur coat.Your soul takes in the dawn streets.Your lips move. Your clouds...


“Sleeping Dogs” by Kevin Griffith

20 October 2021 on Poetry

Sleeping Dogs Morning arrives with its cough of fog,its car alarms crying for help.And no one ever does. Branches reach for cool air.Birds speak in nothing but commas,while the street...


“Foundations” by Mary Zelinka

15 October 2021 on Nonfiction

Eons ago, South Florida lay beneath the ocean. As the ocean receded, exposing the seabed, the sand and shells and an infinite number of minute dead sea creatures baked in...


“A Long Silence” by Paula Brancato

08 October 2021 on Poetry

A Long Silence                 It had been 20-odd years        since he and I         had been close  enough to share a bed. An old man now, decidedly...


“Huai’an Dawn” by Tingyu Liu

08 October 2021 on Poetry

Huai'an dawn I.My mother as a girl: first to wake each winter morning,she fills up the family’s tin basin, dutifully tilted to dull the stream’s cold, sharp ring. Slim hands submerged, she scrubs—father’s...


Jumpstarting Creativity

06 October 2021 on Blog, Storystorm

by Heidi Turner We’ve all been there—a blank document (or sheet of paper, if you’re into that), an open stretch of time that is filled to the brim with creative...

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