“Sketch in Northwest Arkansas” by Nathan Parker

13 November 2015 on Poetry

a stretch of fruit-strewn shade its vinegary yawn and meandering bones quick to make the blond with the apple between her mattresses say this is not a good place to...


“Portal” by Nathan Parker

13 November 2015 on Poetry

I've grown tired, walking stupidly around the house Saturdays, picking up shoes and receipts, rooting through the freezer for a cookie or a portal, sitting on a cold piano bench...


“The New Geography” by Michael Pontacoloni

30 October 2015 on Poetry

Like saran wrap taut around the rim of a crater on the moon, I am not good for much but keeping in and keeping out. Though, quiet as a map,...

The Writer's Hot Seat

The Writer’s Hot Seat: Nicholson Baker

16 October 2015 on Blog, The Writer's Hot Seat

Interview by Carter Foster Nicholson Baker has written a good many books. Not a Stephen King or Joyce Carol Oates amount of books, but enough that it no longer seems relevant...

The Writer's Hot Seat

The Writer’s Hot Seat: Gregory Lawless

09 October 2015 on Blog, The Writer's Hot Seat

Interview by Kristen Bulger I first met Gregory Lawless back in 2011 in the basement offices of the English Department at Suffolk University in Boston. One Friday afternoon, as everyone...


Fragments by Gregory Lawless

09 October 2015 on Poetry

Etc. Fragment Their marriage           was ending he waved his    hands and gave          examples Divorce Fragment “Everything she said,”           he said, “was in italics.” Divorce Fragment...


“The Routine” by Paige Towers

02 October 2015 on Nonfiction

I lure Harriet out from behind the mini-fridge and into my hand with a clump of cold, leftover white rice. “It’s time to put you away sweetheart,” I say. “Hold...


“This Thing Of Ours” by Julia Shipley

25 September 2015 on Poetry

Shark teeth, petrified wood, lump of crystalline. And so? Teeth of shark “killed off coast of Labrador.” Oh. Petrified wood from “the petrified forest where huge trees… lie just as they...


“Muscle Memory” by Aimee Davis

01 May 2015 on Fiction

  Austin’s father plants trees by the interstate—thin, willowy trees, saplings still—held up by wooden stakes and tied to the ground with strands of cord. When Austin asks why, his...


A Conversation With Jean Valentine

25 April 2015 on Poetry

I first was introduced to Jean Valentine’s poetry around the moment when I began to take my writing seriously, and it is perhaps no coincidence that these two events occurred...


“The Man Talks About His New Telescope” by Charles Rafferty

10 April 2015 on Poetry

  It was a gift from my daughter. Twenty years ago I would have used it to size up a job, to see who had the best TVs, the most...


“A State We Don’t Belong To” by Brenna Dixon

27 March 2015 on Fiction

  Karin sent a postcard the first time her husband cheated on her. To keep him on his toes, she reasoned. She sent it from a truck stop in North...