Poetry While Driving

03 December 2020 on Storystorm

What are you listening to while you drive? There are long drives ahead of many of us this holiday season as we retreat to our quarantine dens and visit the...


“Dr. Pepper” by Leanne Sowul

20 November 2020 on Nonfiction

It was the spring of eighth grade, and Laura and I had fallen for the same guy. His real name was Derek, but between us we called him Dr. Pepper...

The Writer's Hot Seat

The Writer’s Hot Seat: James Patrick Kelly

18 November 2020 on Blog, The Writer's Hot Seat

James Patrick Kelly has won the Hugo, Nebula and Locus awards. His newest project is King of the Dogs, Queen of the Cats, a short novel from Subterranean Press. His...


“You Say You Have No Title?” by Barbara Daniels

13 November 2020 on Poetry

Here, take some of mine:“Poem Ending with a Tulip” “Weed of the Week” “Potato Soup” I know you’re committed to “Untitled,” thinkingit gives you the ultimate freedom. But I want...


“We All Saw Clouds” by Octavia Bell

06 November 2020 on Fiction

My brother has been dead seventy-three hours when I drive to the lake, on the day a village of ice-fishing houses is set up on the ice. It’s just after...


How Writing By Hand Could Change Your Creative Process

05 November 2020 on Blog, Storystorm

I write all my first drafts by hand. Pencil--a sassy little Muji mechanical sweetheart that only takes soft 0.5 lead. And paper--notebooks of all shapes and sizes, lined, unlined, free...


Dear Julia

30 October 2020 on Poetry

Do you remember roller-skating in the basement on snow days?We stumbled and soared, our feet heavy and strange, as snowflakestumbled down so fast outside the tiny window, like the Michigan...


“Pop” Poetry?

22 October 2020 on Blog, Storystorm

An hour spent browsing the display at Barnes & Noble helps me get a pulse on the current literary scene. Unlike used bookstores, my preferred place to shop for books,...


“Heritable” by Tessa Kaur

16 October 2020 on Nonfiction

“Have you ever thought about suicide?” My new psychiatrist asked me. I focused my eyes on his shirt. What a stupid question to ask. Obviously, I thought about it constantly....


“Go for Gin” by Audrey Gradzewicz

09 October 2020 on Poetry

for Lauren B. /Lawrin B. At dusk, when regal moths kill themselves ignoblyon the bare yellow bulb of your porchlight, I name futures like racehorses. Alphabet Soupis the future in...


What’s Your Process? Fiction Readers Respond

07 October 2020 on Blog, Storystorm

One of my favorite parts of an MFA program is getting to know other writers on a more nuanced level--beyond interpersonal interactions or their work alone. I get to know...


“Donya Zaragoza” by Soleil Davíd

02 October 2020 on Fiction

Donya Zaragoza, née Castillo, allowed herself to be whisked away from her beloved Batangas family home to the southern province of Bicol because she knew that marrying a Zaragoza meant...

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