“The Man Talks About His New Telescope” by Charles Rafferty

10 April 2015 on Poetry

  It was a gift from my daughter. Twenty years ago I would have used it to size up a job, to see who had the best TVs, the most...


“A State We Don’t Belong To” by Brenna Dixon

27 March 2015 on Fiction

  Karin sent a postcard the first time her husband cheated on her. To keep him on his toes, she reasoned. She sent it from a truck stop in North...


“Lightning in the Desert” by Adam Deutsch

20 March 2015 on Poetry

  It could be the papers that knock just before a fire goes out under dinner. Served. Then the silent flashes are closer than we think. Count your Mississippis. Make...

The Writer's Hot Seat

The Writer’s Hot Seat: Matthew Siegel on Teaching, Reading, and Writing His First Book

18 March 2015 on Blog, The Writer's Hot Seat

Interview by Cynthia Plascencia I had the pleasure of meeting Matthew Siegel in 2008 at the University of Houston when I was an undergraduate and he was an MFA poetry...


“What the Tao Has to Say About Flamingos” by Matthew Broaddus

06 March 2015 on Poetry

  The room is not pink, but the flamingos are, and the longer I balance here, the deeper the tropics flock to the walls. Plumage clouds the windows. Even the...

Yasmine Lucas

“California” by Yasmine Lucas

20 February 2015 on Fiction, Yasmine Lucas

My mother circled her hands over the candles, my father took a sip of wine, and touching a challah still warm from the oven, we recited the Ha-motzi. We scooped...


“I Step Into the Refrigerator and Curl” by Connor Willett

06 February 2015 on Poetry

Everything is dead, never alive, or preserved. Florescence purer than dirt. I am a white man, in a white refrigerator, in a mountain state. What does that even mean? Sartre...


“Mirror Mirror” by Chad Hanson

30 January 2015 on Poetry

  Near the end, Carter began to think that mirrors were unreliable. When he walked past his reflection in the shopping mall, he saw a coyote by his side. He...


SNOWSTORM! Holiday Edition

24 December 2014 on Blog, Storystorm

We feel a powerful, sentimental attachment to books with personalized inscriptions. In terms of Thoughtful Holiday Gifts, these rank near the top. To rediscover a dust-covered novel and read your favorite...


“You Have To Understand Your Father” by Tim Tomlinson

19 December 2014 on Fiction

Mom used to say, “You have to understand your father. He grew up in the Great Depression.” Or she’d say, “You have to understand your father. Where he grew up,...


“In the Midst of This” by Sarah Fawn Montgomery

12 December 2014 on Nonfiction

From my balcony I see a bus stop and a dumpster, lanes of traffic backed up by quarter of five, sputtering smoke snaking from a tan Toyota Tacoma, and a...


“Before the Day:” by Andrea Scarpino

05 December 2014 on Poetry

Before the Day : sunrise over the lake, seagull clatter, crow, sound of glasses stacked, restacked, metal slid into place. Cacophony of blossoming : forsythia, lilac, cherry’s pink-tipped sway. How...