“Ornithology” by Molly McArdle

21 November 2014 on Fiction

Their mother’s body obscured their view through the front door. “I’m very happy to have you both home for Thanksgiving,” she said. “I bought a beautiful turkey.” And then, “It’s...


“In Solitary” by Kristi Mottla

14 November 2014 on Poetry

You clip deutzia stems in winter and dry them aside the window. They won’t stall in thought of themselves, lost birds stalking wings in a mirror, hedging in longing. There,...

The Writer's Hot Seat

The Writer’s Hot Seat: Katy Butler on Memoir and Medical Reporting

12 November 2014 on Blog, The Writer's Hot Seat

Interview by Jesse Duthrie On a Tuesday night last October, I picked Katy Butler and her partner, Brian, up at Logan International Airport. We packed into my car and drove...


“Honoring Autumn” by Sophfronia Scott

07 November 2014 on Nonfiction

Honoring autumn I turn my face to accept its first golden kiss, one silent plea for attention so honoring autumn I sit on a rock in the forest, patient audience...


“Portrait” by Luanne Castle

31 October 2014 on Poetry

So as a sturdy arrow, she scuds into                                                                       the trembling ocean                                                          (which absorbs then releases her in layers) and later arranges her paint pots              and the flotsam she brings back...


“Jawbone in Missouri” by Meghan Gilliss

17 October 2014 on Fiction

In the hot center of the three-story barn, an oil furnace bucked and shuddered like an old bull up to his final dalliance. Without it, all of this—the piles of...


“Ars Poetica” by David Roderick

10 October 2014 on Poetry

Spool through white and quarters,                 eighths. While all the while.                            The lure of idyll as if scotched. Cold rows.                             Fool again: ice, cut glass,               a...


“Afternoons on Utopia Parkway” by David Roderick

10 October 2014 on Poetry

                              Joseph Cornell   Who’s the crow pecking through all that stuff? Sort of parasitic eyebrows, electric bones in his face. Down the cricket stairway to the basement he leaves...


“Manhattan, A-Train, 5pm” by David Roderick

10 October 2014 on Poetry

Maybe the prophet’s right              when he says someone sits                           in judge of us— This here Babylon.              We walkin’ in blood.              Maybe he’s right                                        about me and every smartphone teen, the...


“You and You and the White Sofa” by Madeleine Harrington

03 October 2014 on Nonfiction

While the view was magnificent, no one had enjoyed looking out the window of apartment 2G of 110 East End Avenue in several years. While the wind dug white caps...


“Dirt” by Franklin Cline

26 September 2014 on Poetry

Light vacuums up the living room and I’ve been at it again, dirty dishes stacked up on one another, the Jackson 5 ouching from the radio, my knick-knacks thumping and...


“You Bought Him a Coke” by Amy Lipman

09 May 2014 on Poetry

Last ones at the winery, in rocking chairs, we watched the early dusk, and everyone leaving. I asked if you wanted something from the gas station. You didn't, but I...