“Zion” by Travis Truax

15 April 2016 on Poetry   Tags:


The tall reeds along the river
are as tough as an old Ute’s wisdom.

This world ends in sand, they say.

The canyon walls
guide the pooling stars.

Talkative curves in the river
widen their mouths each year. Soon
sand will cover the only road.

Mule deer ford at a collection of rocks
and forget the bridge
where a hundred painters miss the right light
every summer.

Curling junipers lean from cliffs
toward the river.

Rock is a phase. Sand, too.

And a good trail never ends.


Travis Truax earned his bachelor’s degree in English from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in 2010. After college he spent several years working in various national parks out west, including Yellowstone, Zion, and Olympic. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Flyover Country, Quarterly West, Split Rock Review, The Flagler Review, The New Plains Review, and The Eastern Iowa Review. He lives in Bozeman, Montana.

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