“To be Kissed” by Aran Donovan

01 December 2017 on Blog, Poetry   Tags: ,

These arable lands
To go quizzing about them in hoop skirt
To melt humble in an avid sahara

To piss, comrades in relief abandon
Truly waffle, like a primary in ohio
Kiosk tickled by massive demands

Daily foil to pat affections
Real showmanship, real hands
Skip forward with this antsy passion

To let roses balance on
The fragile arrow of regret can snap
Lasso a better implement

To corral such inappropriate dimensions
Ah, shorn
Before a surly guitar

No shaming lips, no bastard tongue amiss
The dock’s a fancy landing
For a doomed virgin

Fun as interviewing the turgid duke
Who late aching ladled out designs, declared
With giddy mandate

Power on the boulevard excites
Absolutely, such fanfare, such colonnade
But ah jetting honey

Into hey a tumbling silence


Aran Donovan lives in New Orleans. Her poetry has appeared in Rhino, New Ohio Review, Southern Poetry Review, and Best New Poets 2013.

"Cyclically and Socially Underwritten" Aqueous Pigment and Acrylic resin on panel 48"x54" by Kristen Gossler,
Kristen has been painting and showing her work for over 20 years since she graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in 1989. Kristen is currently active in the RISD community, employing her skills as one of the artists participating in the annual portfolio reviews in conjunction with the Office of Admissions. She has been exploring the passage of time and friction between the elements of the natural world and man made elements through painting, photography and writing. You can preview her upcoming solo show in Boston, Mass at kristengossler.com and follow her on Facebook or see her active photographic work on instagram at @Rteest

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