“The donor” by Bob Hicok

26 February 2013 on Poetry   Tags:

My voyeurism begins with the wonder of his heart
flying through a windshield in the intricate
seed-pod of his body and proceeds to the sound
of your wife scooting across an oriental rug
on her ass to put a hand on your chest, a scar
of cuneiform crossed by the wind of her fingers, and asks
if you have any memory of your starter heart
being removed and the new city they added
taking root, fluids such as snow and sunrise
surrounding me with a second chance
this morning to feel that beauty is everything
being a surprise to the mirror, and were you cuckolded
by yourself, your erection his erection by virtue
of his heart disseminating the ambition
of your blood, it's so easy to forget
every hard-on is blood, a temporary heart,
the first time you made love as a new man
or as romantics say, fucked

Bob Hicok's new book, Elegy Owed, is due out soon from Copper Canyon.

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