“Revenant” by Forrest Rapier

05 October 2018 on Poetry   Tags: ,



night before last
we made
on our weak thighs

lacewing flies
hummed shaky
songs across
the buzzing
micro kitchen
countertop scatter

my cup unfolds
an orchid
of air
like when
you focus hard
enough pain

tamped petals pressed
thin on the sill
a downturned
sunflower in
the windowpane
her reflection


Forrest Rapier is a recent MFA graduate from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He is the recipient of a University Poetry Prize awarded by the Academy of American Poets, and his work has appeared in The Portland Review, The Chattahoochee Review, and is forthcoming in The Greensboro Review and Best New Poets.

"Perhaps Going Where the Other Half's Just Been" is an oil painting by Shaina Gates. Shaina attended the Rhode Island School of Design for her BFA in Painting (2005), the School of Visual Arts NY for an MA (2008), and the University of Pennsylvania for her MFA (2016). Shaina lives and works at her studio in Exeter, NH. Of her piece, Shaina writes, "The illusion of these 2-dimensional paintings and drawings of sheets of paper—crushed, unfolded, stacked or cut—further reduce and analogize the limited dimensionality of the visible. What we can’t see is there, crushed up; twisted in on itself, ironed into a massless plane, and folded into everything like a beetle wing." You can find her work at shainagates.com and on Instagram at @shainagates


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