“Linear Foreign Bodies” by Lindsay Tigue

24 August 2012 on Poetry   Tags:

is what the invoice said
after my cat's surgery
to remove the elastics
he'd swallowed and when the vet
cut him open she said his intestines
were the smelliest she'd ever
known and I ask my cat to never
eat elastics again but we ask
too much of pets and people
so much of each other   please
buy raffle tickets  my children's
popcorn we need baked goods
my registry is available
online everything I want
is there and I look for strangers
I tell them my secrets because
even in times like these I
can't stop  there are noodles to
boil places that need me places
I go to everyday  the other day
I became convinced I smelled bad
asked my friend do I smell bad   please
tell me  I am certain this aloneness
is leaking out like sweat
and can you smell it
can you tell the way I breathe
dress think smile is different  when
my life changed I was wearing a T-shirt
with a loon on it and no bra  when I'm really
sad missing people I dress up wear
earrings and when my cat uncurls
stands on the bed stretches and walks
away I put my nose to that warmed
crater-space his body left

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