“Apricots” by Lucie Berjoan

08 March 2019 on Poetry   Tags: ,

This morning is wrapped in a sweatshirt,
raw and restless
it filters through my jacket
at the bus stop.
Without you here it’s easier
to get out of bed.
I see you everywhere:
in the reflection of the bus window,
filling in the blanks of bus seats,
of crossword puzzles.

I recall my parents at dusk
in southern France—
they’re standing on a porch
watching swallows chase mosquitoes.
I didn’t know you then,
but your hair was everywhere,
mostly in the apricots, thick
like grapes on the branches,
warm, fleshy bodies in the sun
and fallen around my feet.


Lucie Berjoan is a poet and writer based in New York City. Having recently graduated from a Critical Studies MA at the Sandberg Instituut (NL), her work seeks ways of broaching critical and theoretical boundaries. Most recently that has taken the form of queer memoir as poetry and the implications and nuances of what that means. This manifested in a chapbook titled Changing Clothes and a collection of poetry titled Formed, Former Selves. You can find more of her work at her website: https://lucieberjoan.hotglue.me/

Emma Moody is a photographer based in Tallahassee, FL. She specializes in capturing street scenes and concert photography. She is currently studying Media, Editing, and Writing at Florida State, and looks forward to graduating next spring. You can find more of her work on her Instagram: @moodyinthemiddle.

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