“A List of Mistakes Made in Building the House” by Paul Sacksteder

22 September 2012 on Poetry   Tags:

1.   I tried to drill a hole where a screw already was.
2.   The line wasn't straight. It couldn't be straight. Despite still being a line. Stress
emanates from the corners.
3.   Barack Obama was elected president. Kate couldn't stop crying. She grabbed my
arm and hid her face. I was surprised. A little alarmed.
4.   Gun stores across the country are reporting an increase in sales. A store in the Blue
Ridge Mountains completely sold out of semi-automatic rifles in less than three days.
5.   History calls you names. Calls you boob. Asshole. Marxist.
6.   The ceiling fan in the guest bedroom teeters and makes a bunch of noise. I tried to
say that it was rhythmic. No big deal. Like one of those rain machines.
7.   Light serves as a monument. Everyone can see it rise from the city. Blanching the
8.   Michael Chabon signed my book. He said it wasn't weird to sign his name over and
over. He never thought about it anymore.
9.   I sit on my couch. Reading a magazine. There is a slight whistle of air coming from
the front door. I doze off.


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