Beth Israel by Dara-Lyn Shrager

06 October 2017 on Poetry

The baby arrived with legs that swung out like doors set backwards on their hinges. Across from the building where he was born, another building to tell us he will...

The Writer's Hot Seat

The Writer’s Hot Seat: Devin Murphy

06 October 2017 on Blog, The Writer's Hot Seat

Interview by Fiction Editor Kaely Horton Devin Murphy's debut novel, The Boat Runner, is out now with Harper Perennial/Harper Collins. He is an Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Bradley University. His fiction has...


“The Other Side” by Sara Brody

29 September 2017 on Fiction

When I was a kid, my dad had an affair with his secretary, which might make you think I also had a dog and a picket fence and a mother...


From the Editor

29 September 2017 on Blog

Dear readers, Thank you for stopping by, and welcome to another great year at Barnstorm! Our staff is excited to bring you a year of excellent fiction, nonfiction, and poetry...


“Erratics” by Michael Lauchlan

22 September 2017 on Poetry

They’re erratics, a friend tells me, left by glaciers. I say they were left by a crew that dug up the sewers, but he’s unfazed. Before that, he says, way...


The Importance of Change: What Does Your Character Want?

10 May 2017 on Blog, Fiction

Last year, our fiction team brainstormed what Barnstorm looks for in a short story.  The outline included strong, specific writing and surprising plot points. Our strongest desire, however, was for...


“Charlie” by Sarah Leslie

05 May 2017 on Fiction

I remember once hearing my mum liked doing the unexpected. She convinced my dad to name me Charlie, even though I was a girl. She said I’d undoubtedly be unique....


What is a Writer?

03 May 2017 on Blog, Fiction

I have a hard time calling myself a writer. With my final semester at UNH moving full steam ahead and the first draft of my thesis turned into my adviser,...


AWP 2017: Embrace Your Caffeine Addiction

21 April 2017 on Storystorm

“If you go to just one amazing panel, the whole thing is worth it,” said one AWP veteran. “Don’t spend money at the book fair until the last day,” said...


AWP 2017: A Different Kind of Sanctuary

19 April 2017 on Storystorm

Networking, market research, readings, free swag, panel discussions, scotch breaks, maybe cats… My mind strayed as I filled up the balloons for the Barnstorm table—likely it was the lack of...


AWP 2017: Finding My Place in the Confusion

17 April 2017 on Storystorm

Walking into the convention center on my first full day at AWP, I immediately felt my body tense. I was there to meet editors, buy books, and attend as many...


An Interview with Jeremy John Parker: Book Design, Writing, Outlook Springs, and Life after the MFA

31 March 2017 on ArtStorm

Amy and I were thrilled to interview Jeremy John Parker, a UNH alum, fellow writer, and artist of many trades. Jeremy is a writer, book designer, and the Fiction Editor at Outlook Springs. His stories...

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