“High Places” by Heather N. Martin

30 September 2016 on Nonfiction

When I was sixteen, I jumped off a bridge. It was the Rexford Bridge in upstate New York—the languid Erie Canal shifting two stories beneath. And the reason was not,...


“I Haven’t Seen You in 13 Years and You Show Up Blind and So Do I” by Christopher Citro & Dustin Nightingale

23 September 2016 on Poetry

    I give up is written on a bathroom stall at a state university on the second floor of the men's library bathroom with books about French pottery, earthquakes, the...


From the Editor

21 September 2016 on Blog

Dear Reader, Welcome to a new year of Barnstorm. Our 2016–2017 staff is excited to launch another great year full of writerly ruminations, interviews, photography, and (of course!) some marvelous...


Storystorm: Joie de Vivre

13 May 2016 on Blog, Storystorm

  I was at a rock concert recently—the kind where the singer is 46, scraggly, parched, and won’t let his career go—watching everyone have more fun than me. This sort...


Storystorm: Home is Where the [Character’s] Heart Is

06 May 2016 on Blog, Storystorm

  Astonishingly soon, I’ll be finishing my coursework for UNH’s MFA program. In the quick months that follow, I’ll spend my time getting ready to live in my fourth state...


Editor’s Blog: AWP 2016 – Los Angeles, CA

29 April 2016 on Poetry

I hate flying. Actually, it’s not the flying so much as the routine that I’ve stuck with ever since I first started travelling: I pack the day I fly. This...

The Writer's Hot Seat

The Writer’s Hot Seat: Mira Ptacin

22 April 2016 on The Writer's Hot Seat

  Interview by Holland Prior Not too far from our hallowed University of New Hampshire halls you will find Mira Ptacin, a creative nonfiction writer who lives off the coast...


“Zion” by Travis Truax

15 April 2016 on Poetry

  The tall reeds along the river are as tough as an old Ute’s wisdom. This world ends in sand, they say. The canyon walls guide the pooling stars. Talkative...

The Writer's Hot Seat

The Writer’s Hot Seat: Rebecca Makkai

01 April 2016 on Blog, The Writer's Hot Seat

Interview by Carter Foster Rebecca Makkai is the author of three books. Her first novel, The Borrower, follows a young librarian's journey across the country with a boy who has...



25 March 2016 on Poetry

The babysitter came with a suitcase full of crap we liked: old clothes, naked Barbies with limbs scratched by some unknown girl. We ate TV dinners; mine rubber corn, burnt...


“As I Read About Japan” by Michael Mingo

11 March 2016 on Poetry

The wind blows the pages from under my thumb, one way then another. I'm learning about the occupation, that malaise that hangs heavy over their cities like helicopters, black as...


Storystorm: From the Poetry Desk…

04 March 2016 on Blog, Storystorm

Earlier this week, Barnstorm Fiction and CNF both wrote insightful blogs on what it is they look for when selecting a piece of writing for publication. As editors for Barnstorm...

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