How Microfiction Could Transform Social Media

10 March 2021 on Blog, Storystorm

I’ll be level with you from the get-go: social media and I don’t get along. Beyond the avatars we create or the companies behind our screens collecting and brokering our...


“The Blue House,” an excerpt from The Blue House by Dawn Denham

26 February 2021 on Nonfiction

Until my first chigger attack, I walked barefoot across my expansive front yard to my mailbox atop a metal post. It takes time before the bites appear; when they do,...


Fiction Writers—Go Make Some Short Things!

24 February 2021 on Blog, Storystorm

When I find the idea of writing long pieces really daunting—and I don’t mean novels, or even novellas; I mean short stories, totaling fifteen pages or so—I like to transition...



19 February 2021 on Poetry

—after Langston Hughes Liberty misunderstoodLiberty misrepresentedLiberty lied on, lied about wears a veil, dressesin sackcloth, spreads ashacross her forehead, ashesacross her landscapes torn Liberty weeps beneath darknessLiberty gazes upon terror...


“Rescue Attempt” by David Morris

12 February 2021 on Fiction

One morning last summer I was about to pee before getting ready for work, my eyes still half closed with sleep, when there was splashing and a dark shape moved...


Ritualizing Rejections

10 February 2021 on Blog, Storystorm

During the full moon in Leo, on the 28th of January, I wrote down the name of every literary magazine that rejected me on tiny pieces of paper. I then...


“Catch and Release” by Kyle D. Craig

05 February 2021 on Poetry

When I was a boy my father lifted the barbed-wire fence beyond which lay a pond teeming with bass, bluegill, catfish. We pulled worms from catalpa trees,punctured their bodies on...


I’d love to have been a farmer by Sean Thomas Dougherty

18 December 2020 on Nonfiction

with a hundred acres, and a silo, a big green tractor, with a hound dog named Shiloh to ride shotgun, tending to the rows of corn, or sunflowers, endless fields...


“autophagy” by an chang joon

10 December 2020 on Fiction

P eased the scope further into the stomach. The walls of flesh undulated slowly. He adjusted, following the gentle curvature of the esophagus. His scalp itched. He wiped the sweat...


“Violent Epidemic” by Sarah Degner Riveros

04 December 2020 on Poetry

When the neighbor kidshows up on the porch, clutching a flannelpillow, dressed in sweatpants and a t-shirt, shakes his dreads, stutters, “Hi, Mom, is John here?” You set down the...


Poetry While Driving

03 December 2020 on Storystorm

What are you listening to while you drive? There are long drives ahead of many of us this holiday season as we retreat to our quarantine dens and visit the...


“Dr. Pepper” by Leanne Sowul

20 November 2020 on Nonfiction

It was the spring of eighth grade, and Laura and I had fallen for the same guy. His real name was Derek, but between us we called him Dr. Pepper...

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