The Value of Sad Stories

23 September 2020 on Blog, Storystorm

I grew up in a laughing house. Granted, it was sometimes a yelling house, or a screaming house, or a crying house – but the important thing was, my family...


“A Wedding in Aleppo” by M. K. Martin

22 May 2020 on Fiction

We are having a wedding in our restaurant. All morning, my younger brother, Hamid, has been scampering like a skinny, tail-less monkey, hanging lights in our cypress trees. We have...


Thoughts While Waiting by Elizabeth Templeman

15 May 2020 on Nonfiction

What did I think, then, in those years biding my time, waiting? Waiting: for life to get serious, whatever that might mean; for maturity, whatever that would feel like. But...


“Ground Rules” by Tim DeJong

08 May 2020 on Poetry

The boy sits in a field.He is four or maybe three.Red-shirted, blue-shorted, he arranges his gathered trifles, loose sticks, wasp’s wing, snail’s shell,sifts fragments too minor to signify.The weedy grass around...


It’s Okay to Not Write a Book During the Pandemic

01 May 2020 on Blog

I’m not sure what I was expecting—maybe with more (read: all) time at home, I would be nothing short of prolific, à la “Room of One’s Own” at last. I...


“God as an Illinois hops farm” by Anna Girgenti

24 April 2020 on Poetry

in early July, just before harvest, mud on the frilly white hemof my sundress. Barefoot. We squeeze the last drops of beer from the keg — my little brother barely...


“Suffragette” by Amy Stonestrom

10 April 2020 on Nonfiction

My second favorite thing about going to church was coming home to the bubbling carrots, onions and pork or beef that stewed while we were putting in our time on...


“Canyon Fire” by Patricia Caspers

03 April 2020 on Poetry

Another August morning the sky opensits smoke-heavy wings, and after so many years of silence, we hello each other in the cafe,as if not knowing the wooded placewhere we parked...


“Where the Waves Were Breaking” by Betsy Finesilver Haberl

27 March 2020 on Fiction

I flipped through the channels. In the half-second pauses between each station, a moth fluttered against the screen door. The porch light flickered and made an electric snap. It had...


“Adams Apple.” by John Malone

20 March 2020 on Poetry

This is the tie worn by JFK the day he was killed (I show you a tie). Jackie had it washed and placed in a museum – a symbol of the...


“Night and Day” By Marni Berger

06 March 2020 on Nonfiction

1. The Awakening. I’m waking from a sad dream. In the dream, my husband Leo is uncharacteristically crying at me, saying, “When was the last time we were really happy?”...


What We Look For in Poetry Submissions

05 March 2020 on Blog, Storystorm

Here at Barnstorm, our poetry readers and editors have varied tastes and interests, but we all share a love for poetry. Read on below to hear what each of our readers...

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