“Fragment” by Katherine Gaffney

24 September 2021 on Poetry

In the lane opposite us, my love and I witness a car stopped beneath the train trestle, both driver and passenger depart their vehicle to remove a Canadian goose from...


Three Poems by Simon Perchik

23 April 2021 on Poetry

*You wipe one stain against anotherreminding this napkin to start storing fatfor winter and the night ahead a quiet swipe, simple so its edgesslow down, are dozing offalready dreaming about...


“The Pie Lady” by Lowell Jaeger

26 March 2021 on Poetry

Her pie wagon steamed early mornings— far end of the fairgrounds —with smells of home-baked sweets. She chose me, of all the ride-jockeys, to drive with her for sacks of...


“Do What You Will with My Mother’s Shalwar” by Maryam Ghafoor

12 March 2021 on Poetry

For every Khawaja I wear them without a kameez,not harem pants; these are the real thing.When I walk my mother’s neighborhood, all the white people stare, parttheir curtains, come out...



19 February 2021 on Poetry

—after Langston Hughes Liberty misunderstoodLiberty misrepresentedLiberty lied on, lied about wears a veil, dressesin sackcloth, spreads ashacross her forehead, ashesacross her landscapes torn Liberty weeps beneath darknessLiberty gazes upon terror...


“Catch and Release” by Kyle D. Craig

05 February 2021 on Poetry

When I was a boy my father lifted the barbed-wire fence beyond which lay a pond teeming with bass, bluegill, catfish. We pulled worms from catalpa trees,punctured their bodies on...


“Violent Epidemic” by Sarah Degner Riveros

04 December 2020 on Poetry

When the neighbor kidshows up on the porch, clutching a flannelpillow, dressed in sweatpants and a t-shirt, shakes his dreads, stutters, “Hi, Mom, is John here?” You set down the...


“You Say You Have No Title?” by Barbara Daniels

13 November 2020 on Poetry

Here, take some of mine:“Poem Ending with a Tulip” “Weed of the Week” “Potato Soup” I know you’re committed to “Untitled,” thinkingit gives you the ultimate freedom. But I want...


Dear Julia

30 October 2020 on Poetry

Do you remember roller-skating in the basement on snow days?We stumbled and soared, our feet heavy and strange, as snowflakestumbled down so fast outside the tiny window, like the Michigan...


“Go for Gin” by Audrey Gradzewicz

09 October 2020 on Poetry

for Lauren B. /Lawrin B. At dusk, when regal moths kill themselves ignoblyon the bare yellow bulb of your porchlight, I name futures like racehorses. Alphabet Soupis the future in...


“Days of Hand to Mouth” by Dennis Cummings

25 September 2020 on Poetry

We worked until dawn back then—Afros and longhairs on the loading dock,mocking the small paychecks that cameeach Friday at shift’s end, the last truck now hollowed out, the bass metal...


“Ground Rules” by Tim DeJong

08 May 2020 on Poetry

The boy sits in a field.He is four or maybe three.Red-shirted, blue-shorted, he arranges his gathered trifles, loose sticks, wasp’s wing, snail’s shell,sifts fragments too minor to signify.The weedy grass around...

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