“Rue Musette” by Sarah Sloat

16 December 2016 on Poetry

France cast a columnar silhouette.  In the travel brochure the people who vandalized Dijon’s church were called revolutionaries.  They studied the smoke instead of the fire.  Another guide claims it...


“Bathtub Grading” by Jodie Liedke

02 December 2016 on Poetry

-2010 tornado touches down in La Crosse, WI In the dark with my headlamp on, I grade essays in my bathtub, while the tornado gorges two blocks over. I call...


“Theodore Roethke Drinks a Pint of Vodka and Talks About Love” by Jackson Holbert

28 October 2016 on Poetry

I've always enjoyed a song more when I was alone. The Pacific's mist fighting the coast. How you taste it when you cough. I, who have always asked my bones...


“Middle-Ear Evolution” by Lois Bassen

07 October 2016 on Blog, Poetry

"So reptiles eat with the bones we hear with." --"Reptiles Eat With the Bones Humans Hear With, Fossil Proves" by John Noble Wilford, April 18, 2011 Chew Schubert’s E-flat Trio for...


“I Haven’t Seen You in 13 Years and You Show Up Blind and So Do I” by Christopher Citro & Dustin Nightingale

23 September 2016 on Poetry

    I give up is written on a bathroom stall at a state university on the second floor of the men's library bathroom with books about French pottery, earthquakes, the...


Editor’s Blog: AWP 2016 – Los Angeles, CA

29 April 2016 on Poetry

I hate flying. Actually, it’s not the flying so much as the routine that I’ve stuck with ever since I first started travelling: I pack the day I fly. This...


“Zion” by Travis Truax

15 April 2016 on Poetry

  The tall reeds along the river are as tough as an old Ute’s wisdom. This world ends in sand, they say. The canyon walls guide the pooling stars. Talkative...



25 March 2016 on Poetry

The babysitter came with a suitcase full of crap we liked: old clothes, naked Barbies with limbs scratched by some unknown girl. We ate TV dinners; mine rubber corn, burnt...


“As I Read About Japan” by Michael Mingo

11 March 2016 on Poetry

The wind blows the pages from under my thumb, one way then another. I'm learning about the occupation, that malaise that hangs heavy over their cities like helicopters, black as...


“One Hundred and Fiftieth Shiloh” by M. A. Schaffner

05 February 2016 on Poetry

Festival ended, driving home we think the eggs were farby reproductions but apples showed a realistic size. Non-smoking rooms available. Been there, done that, got the steamboat ticket: West Tennessee...


“Among Green Islands” by Nate Pritts

04 December 2015 on Poetry

I wake to an unnaturally loud noise             insects in summer             a sharpened trill intense in the damp air which is otherwise flooded with the scent of grass                                        & nostalgic light....


“Sketch in Northwest Arkansas” by Nathan Parker

13 November 2015 on Poetry

a stretch of fruit-strewn shade its vinegary yawn and meandering bones quick to make the blond with the apple between her mattresses say this is not a good place to...

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