“Things to Overcome When Sprung From Prison” by John Langenfeld

17 November 2017 on Nonfiction

After serving a decade-and-a-half in the Texas prison system, you’ll undoubtedly have developed more than a few disabling habits. How could you not? You adjusted as needed to survive. But...


“The Legacy” by Marlene Olin

20 October 2017 on Nonfiction

My mother-in-law spent the last five years of her life writing and rewriting her will. She used whatever material was available—a paper napkin, a matchbook cover, a page torn from...


Writing Farsickness

24 March 2017 on Nonfiction, Storystorm

“Fernweh is a longing to be away from home, a desire to be in a faraway place,” writes Teju Cole in the essay “Far Away from Here.” As a writer-in-residence...


“Working Against the Current” by Keith Rebec

17 March 2017 on Nonfiction

Drag Boy, Drag Whenever my grandmother’s brother visited Michigan from the Ozarks to fish, it was assumed that I’d accompany him. He usually arrived, beer-gutted and wearing stained blue chinos,...


“Countdown to Day One” by Melissa Rosato

03 February 2017 on Blog, Nonfiction

Two Weeks After When I drive up, he turns away and leans inside the open window of his Camaro. The hatchback and passenger seat are filled completely with bags and...


“House of Smokers” by Brent Fisk

04 November 2016 on Nonfiction

I grew up in a house of smokers. Nightstands and dining tables were marred with short black burns from smoldering cigarettes. Smoke drove me outdoors, where I absorbed fresh air...


“High Places” by Heather N. Martin

30 September 2016 on Nonfiction

When I was sixteen, I jumped off a bridge. It was the Rexford Bridge in upstate New York—the languid Erie Canal shifting two stories beneath. And the reason was not,...


“A Perfect Replica of Itself” by Kaylen Mallard

19 February 2016 on Nonfiction

I don’t think about the eggs breaking until our third stop where we order kombucha on tap. JG is not concerned about the eggs. He shifts the oversized, grey tote...


“Luck Let Go” by Melody Gee

11 December 2015 on Nonfiction

  On a Tuesday morning, I checked the day’s gold price. A handful of bookmarked websites warned me against gold sharks offering cash at only scrap prices, anyone asking me...


“The Routine” by Paige Towers

02 October 2015 on Nonfiction

I lure Harriet out from behind the mini-fridge and into my hand with a clump of cold, leftover white rice. “It’s time to put you away sweetheart,” I say. “Hold...


“In the Midst of This” by Sarah Fawn Montgomery

12 December 2014 on Nonfiction

From my balcony I see a bus stop and a dumpster, lanes of traffic backed up by quarter of five, sputtering smoke snaking from a tan Toyota Tacoma, and a...


“Honoring Autumn” by Sophfronia Scott

07 November 2014 on Nonfiction

Honoring autumn I turn my face to accept its first golden kiss, one silent plea for attention so honoring autumn I sit on a rock in the forest, patient audience...

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