“In the Midst of This” by Sarah Fawn Montgomery

12 December 2014 on Nonfiction

From my balcony I see a bus stop and a dumpster, lanes of traffic backed up by quarter of five, sputtering smoke snaking from a tan Toyota Tacoma, and a...


“Honoring Autumn” by Sophfronia Scott

07 November 2014 on Nonfiction

Honoring autumn I turn my face to accept its first golden kiss, one silent plea for attention so honoring autumn I sit on a rock in the forest, patient audience...


“You and You and the White Sofa” by Madeleine Harrington

03 October 2014 on Nonfiction

While the view was magnificent, no one had enjoyed looking out the window of apartment 2G of 110 East End Avenue in several years. While the wind dug white caps...


“Looking, Then Listening” by Robert Vivian

21 March 2014 on Nonfiction

Looking up I saw that the sky was naked except for a few strands of clouds like trailing threads of smoke or ether that wanted so much to shine and looking I...


“The End of the Earth” by Jessica Hendry Nelson

24 February 2014 on Nonfiction

Mid-February, 2012, and Malletts Bay is frozen over, the small enclave of Lake Champlain that stretches out in front of our cabin in Vermont like a slow yawn. I spend...


“Becoming Acquainted with Rocks” by Kristin Collier

04 October 2013 on Nonfiction

Listen! you hear the grating roar Of pebbles which the waves draw back, and fling, At their return, up the high strand, Begin, and cease, and then again begin, With...


“Unforgivable” by Christopher Locke

05 April 2013 on Nonfiction

--Loudon, NH 1982-- The richest members of our Pentecostal church owned a racetrack, and as a favor to my father they hired my brother and me to help sell programs....


“The Dairy Queen Window” by Kirsti Sandy

04 November 2012 on Nonfiction

During the day the front counter's windows gave you a full view of the line of customers, of the cars pulling in and out, of the traffic on Laconia, New...


“Fabulous Vacations for the Financially Destitute” by Marti Trgovich

12 December 2011 on Nonfiction

If pressed, I would deny that I am lost and instead claim that my hotel is lost. It is not here on Montalbano, as the website promised. I peer at...


“Something I Need to Tell You” by Erin Murphy

21 March 2011 on Nonfiction

The homemade rolls at the Chesterfield Tea Room were yeasty heaps of buttery heaven, kneaded and punched and baked by the staff whose uniforms matched the white linen table cloths...


“Correspondence” by Andrea L. Volpe

10 January 2010 on Nonfiction

A tiny collage hangs at what is eye level, for a six year old, in my son Jacob's room. It's not much more than an inch or two high, a...


“Tip Not Included” by Lisa Romeo

10 January 2010 on Nonfiction

When I get to my parents' house, I will begin choosing photographs for the collage we will surely hang, when the time comes, at my father's wake. He is still...

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