“Foundations” by Mary Zelinka

15 October 2021 on Nonfiction

Eons ago, South Florida lay beneath the ocean. As the ocean receded, exposing the seabed, the sand and shells and an infinite number of minute dead sea creatures baked in...


“Be Quiet” by Brian McCurdy

30 April 2021 on Nonfiction

My son, Leo, talks a lot. From the moment he is fully awake in the morning, at the breakfast table in robe and slippers, to the moment he is back...


“Going Home Party” by Sarah Bence

02 April 2021 on Nonfiction

When I arrived in France, I didn’t anticipate splitting a double cheese pizza with a Pakistani refugee in an Auchan grocery store. But refugee, I’ve learned, isn’t the right word....


“The Blue House,” an excerpt from The Blue House by Dawn Denham

26 February 2021 on Nonfiction

Until my first chigger attack, I walked barefoot across my expansive front yard to my mailbox atop a metal post. It takes time before the bites appear; when they do,...


I’d love to have been a farmer by Sean Thomas Dougherty

18 December 2020 on Nonfiction

with a hundred acres, and a silo, a big green tractor, with a hound dog named Shiloh to ride shotgun, tending to the rows of corn, or sunflowers, endless fields...


“Dr. Pepper” by Leanne Sowul

20 November 2020 on Nonfiction

It was the spring of eighth grade, and Laura and I had fallen for the same guy. His real name was Derek, but between us we called him Dr. Pepper...


“Heritable” by Tessa Kaur

16 October 2020 on Nonfiction

“Have you ever thought about suicide?” My new psychiatrist asked me. I focused my eyes on his shirt. What a stupid question to ask. Obviously, I thought about it constantly....


Thoughts While Waiting by Elizabeth Templeman

15 May 2020 on Nonfiction

What did I think, then, in those years biding my time, waiting? Waiting: for life to get serious, whatever that might mean; for maturity, whatever that would feel like. But...


“Suffragette” by Amy Stonestrom

10 April 2020 on Nonfiction

My second favorite thing about going to church was coming home to the bubbling carrots, onions and pork or beef that stewed while we were putting in our time on...


“Night and Day” By Marni Berger

06 March 2020 on Nonfiction

1. The Awakening. I’m waking from a sad dream. In the dream, my husband Leo is uncharacteristically crying at me, saying, “When was the last time we were really happy?”...


“Details” by Mary Higbee

13 December 2019 on Nonfiction

 “What do you mean illegal?” I ask. The only sound is the metallic ring of the spoon on the china cup as my dad stirs sugar into his coffee. It takes...


“Emboli” by Jennifer Phipps

15 November 2019 on Nonfiction

Last weekend you wore long, loose shorts. Your workout clothes— billowing, breathable black t-shirt and those silky, baggy shorts—obstructed my view. I’d wanted to see your legs. But when I...

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