“Gloam” by Michael Benedict

26 February 2016 on Fiction

Now a few miles west of Ellensburg, left foot tapping a nervous beat, right foot heavy on the accelerator and burning past pastures, stands of trees, abandoned barns and motor...


“Brothers” by Eric Severn

18 December 2015 on Fiction

Eighteen-year-old Tyler Welner tells his disabled brother to put his shoes on. “And a jacket,” he adds. “You’ll need a jacket.” Henry dangles his legs from the bed like a...


“Muscle Memory” by Aimee Davis

01 May 2015 on Fiction

  Austin’s father plants trees by the interstate—thin, willowy trees, saplings still—held up by wooden stakes and tied to the ground with strands of cord. When Austin asks why, his...


“A State We Don’t Belong To” by Brenna Dixon

27 March 2015 on Fiction

  Karin sent a postcard the first time her husband cheated on her. To keep him on his toes, she reasoned. She sent it from a truck stop in North...


“California” by Yasmine Lucas

20 February 2015 on Fiction

My mother circled her hands over the candles, my father took a sip of wine, and touching a challah still warm from the oven, we recited the Ha-motzi. We scooped...


“You Have To Understand Your Father” by Tim Tomlinson

19 December 2014 on Fiction

Mom used to say, “You have to understand your father. He grew up in the Great Depression.” Or she’d say, “You have to understand your father. Where he grew up,...


“Ornithology” by Molly McArdle

21 November 2014 on Fiction

Their mother’s body obscured their view through the front door. “I’m very happy to have you both home for Thanksgiving,” she said. “I bought a beautiful turkey.” And then, “It’s...


“Jawbone in Missouri” by Meghan Gilliss

17 October 2014 on Fiction

In the hot center of the three-story barn, an oil furnace bucked and shuddered like an old bull up to his final dalliance. Without it, all of this—the piles of...


“Between the Sky and the Ground” by Amelia Skinner Saint

02 May 2014 on Fiction

Bradley threw the walnuts as fast as he could pick them up. They were staining his hands and sweater, but he didn’t care. He kept his eyes on the bird,...


“Interloping” by Brian Castleberry

04 April 2014 on Fiction

To begin with, things were fine. The director's assistant showed Joan and me to our private room, second from the end of the hall on the left side, and handed...


“Snitch” by Erin Gnidziejko-Smith

21 February 2014 on Fiction

Maddy’s boyfriend, Ross, has no job, so he has energy to tune his guitar all night and sleep all day. Ross’s guitar cost the same as a month’s rent. Maddy...


“Capetown Breezes” by Penny Pennell

22 November 2013 on Fiction

Mama never cried when she chopped onions. She peeled the rustic encasing from the fleshy orb and with her butcher’s knife slid through the root and crown while cold water...

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