“Rhapsody” by Elise Gallagher

16 April 2021 on Fiction

Addy Baumann walked through the Boston Public Garden with her mouth closed tight against the zipper of a black coat she found at Goodwill. It was long but worn thin....


“The Hour Hand” by Simona Zaretsky

19 March 2021 on Fiction

Alexander had always wanted a dog, but his mother told him they couldn’t afford more batteries. “What about a rechargeable one?” he had whined. “I’ll pay for all the batteries...


“Rescue Attempt” by David Morris

12 February 2021 on Fiction

One morning last summer I was about to pee before getting ready for work, my eyes still half closed with sleep, when there was splashing and a dark shape moved...


“autophagy” by an chang joon

10 December 2020 on Fiction

P eased the scope further into the stomach. The walls of flesh undulated slowly. He adjusted, following the gentle curvature of the esophagus. His scalp itched. He wiped the sweat...


“We All Saw Clouds” by Octavia Bell

06 November 2020 on Fiction

My brother has been dead seventy-three hours when I drive to the lake, on the day a village of ice-fishing houses is set up on the ice. It’s just after...


“Donya Zaragoza” by Soleil Davíd

02 October 2020 on Fiction

Donya Zaragoza, née Castillo, allowed herself to be whisked away from her beloved Batangas family home to the southern province of Bicol because she knew that marrying a Zaragoza meant...


“A Wedding in Aleppo” by M. K. Martin

22 May 2020 on Fiction

We are having a wedding in our restaurant. All morning, my younger brother, Hamid, has been scampering like a skinny, tail-less monkey, hanging lights in our cypress trees. We have...


“Where the Waves Were Breaking” by Betsy Finesilver Haberl

27 March 2020 on Fiction

I flipped through the channels. In the half-second pauses between each station, a moth fluttered against the screen door. The porch light flickered and made an electric snap. It had...


“It’s Still Farther Than You Think” by Emily Varnell

21 February 2020 on Fiction

Marianne’s palms stuck when she pressed her hands to the red laminate table. Orange juice, she guessed, from some boy dumping over one of those curvy bottles, too excited as...


“The Weight of Snowflakes” by Lois Melina

06 December 2019 on Fiction

1. The snow fell easily, reflected in the headlights against the darkness of the highway. The large, flat flakes seemed almost make-believe to Debra, like Lux detergent floating down from...


“Water in the Desert” by Clare Wilson

01 November 2019 on Fiction

“I can see it—” Eva said. “How the sky will stretch like a blue sheet between the peaks.” Ray stared through the sunroof of her VW bus. He almost expected...


“I Will Return” by Samantha Kolesnik

27 September 2019 on Fiction

I tell myself the trail is an amenity. It’s not something to be feared; it’s a blessing. A privilege. When my single friends from apartments downtown come over, they first...

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