Writing With Conflict: Do All Good Stories Have to be Sad?

21 October 2016 on Blog, Fiction, Storystorm

I was in a literature class and we discussed whether all good stories have to be sad. Why does it seem like all of the classics are depressing (looking at...


Storystorm: Joie de Vivre

13 May 2016 on Blog, Storystorm

  I was at a rock concert recently—the kind where the singer is 46, scraggly, parched, and won’t let his career go—watching everyone have more fun than me. This sort...


Storystorm: Home is Where the [Character’s] Heart Is

06 May 2016 on Blog, Storystorm

  Astonishingly soon, I’ll be finishing my coursework for UNH’s MFA program. In the quick months that follow, I’ll spend my time getting ready to live in my fourth state...


Storystorm: From the Poetry Desk…

04 March 2016 on Blog, Storystorm

Earlier this week, Barnstorm Fiction and CNF both wrote insightful blogs on what it is they look for when selecting a piece of writing for publication. As editors for Barnstorm...


Storystorm: From the Fiction Desk…

03 March 2016 on Blog, Storystorm

Recently, Barnstorm CNF produced a thoughtful piece on what they look for in a chosen submission. We from the Fiction front would like to continue the trend. As writers ourselves,...


Storystorm: From the Nonfiction Desk…

02 March 2016 on Blog, Storystorm

If you’ve ever watched a reality TV competition, you’ll understand the premise of The Great British Baking Show (this editor’s personal favorite!). Each week, the bakers tackle a new challenge—breads,...


Up Close and Personal with Salman Rushdie

02 December 2015 on Blog, Storystorm

On September 22nd, seven other grad students and I were ushered into Portsmouth's Music Hall Loft, where ten chairs surrounded a table for Salman Rushdie's Master Class – a private...


SNOWSTORM! Holiday Edition

24 December 2014 on Blog, Storystorm

We feel a powerful, sentimental attachment to books with personalized inscriptions. In terms of Thoughtful Holiday Gifts, these rank near the top. To rediscover a dust-covered novel and read your favorite...


The Law of Narrative Density

29 November 2014 on Blog, Storystorm

had meant to write a defense of the short story as a narrative entity, regaling you with tales of its history and importance. I would dazzle you, show the short...



30 April 2014 on Blog, Storystorm

This is true. In the past forty-eight hours I have cried nine times. I cried when I dropped a yellow M&M on my blue shirt and it left a mark....



26 March 2014 on Blog, Storystorm

This week's Storystorm is brought to you by Victoria Campbell Lately, I have been struggling. When I sit down to write, words don't come or, if they do, they never...


Storystorm: Lovestorm Edition

12 February 2014 on Blog, Storystorm

For this week's Storystorm, I've been tasked with writing a Lovestorm. Initially I had big ideas for the feature—a list of love stories that I can't live without. But there...

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