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Hi friends. I'm here at Sewanee Writers' Conference at the University of the South in Sewanee, TN. Not that you care. One time I wrote a Linkstorm from a parking lot outside a diner in upstate New York and you were none the wiser. Rubes.

Here is a quick Q&A with myself about the conference so far.
Linkstorm: Did anything humorous happen on your journey?
ES: On the shuttle from the airport to the conference, the bus gave up the ghost several times and the driver "fixed it" by turning it off and then turning it back on again. ("Did you try blowing in it."--kids troubleshooting the Nintendo). Also, two poets behind me talked energetically the entire 90 minute ride about Stephen Dedalus, the going rate for a barber shop neck shave (US $35), and the nearest liquor store to campus. Poets!

Linkstorm: Is there an unattended blue t-shirt in the lobby of your dorm that says "Reign Maker" and if so, are you thinking of taking it?
ES: Yes and maybe. (Kidding, yes and yes)

Barnstorm: You just went to a craft lecture with Richard Bausch. Is he the best or what?
ES: All time best. He was so so funny and moving and did impressions of Dylan Thomas and W.H. Auden. And he also hilariously bragged about getting 97 to 100 likes per Facebook update and said things like "If a manuscript does not entertain it is a failure."

More Sewanee updates next Wednesday, cause I'll still be here. Here's a few more links for you in the meantime:

This is fun. A list of authors who appeared in movies. Bet you didn't know J.D. Salinger had a cameo in Click.
[JK, but George Plimpton was for real in Lawrence of Arabia. What?? How'd I miss that? (Other than not knowing what George Plimpton looked like when I saw it/being in the deepest, most restful sleep of my life)]

The Times Book Review compares Dave Eggers to Norman Mailer. Generous!

Also from the Times, Joan Rivers going full Borscht Belt in By The Book.

The Kenyon Review blog has A Field Guide to North American Blurbs.

Check out this gallery of famous authors' tattoos. Rick Moody's got some pretentious crap of course and Patti Smith is predictably the coolest ever. But J.D. Salinger*, pictured above, is the winner with his full back tat of Counting Crows front man Adam Duritz under the words "Straight Edge."
J.D. Salinger is the randomly selected object of all today's jokes.

--Erin Somers

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