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Hello friends. It's the last week of school (forever, for me!) and it's finally 65 and sunny in NH, which means people are going full 1990s Malibu out there. Rollerblading in bikinis, throwing day-glow Frisbees, wearing orange swim trunks to class. Yesterday I emerged from my office and some dumbasses were blasting Sugar Ray's "Fly" out on the lawn from an actual boombox. Perfect song choice, young idiots.

Jonathan Franzen, nee Walnut Surprise, was this week's By the Book. He is a thoughtful and intelligent man!

Your all-time favorite writer--James Franco, obviously, who else?--plans to direct and star in an adaptation of Andre Dubus III's The Garden of Last Days. Spring break forever.

Rachel Kushner is by all accounts great. I will read her new book after I finish Jess Walter's Beautiful Ruins, which is terrific so far thank you for asking!

Writers take note: be generous, don't mention your agent, don't brag about how great you are at dunking, etc.

These guys made a card game of Moby Dick, which sounds like an assignment from Mrs. Harms' ninth grade honors English class, but is actually pretty cool. Next week: a rap about Ethan Frome and a comic book illustrating Antony's eulogy for Caesar.

Someone made a joke tumblr called Cosmarxpolitan, which I guess combines socialism with "fifty preposterous tips to wow your fella in the sack" kinda stuff. Okay sure. Seems like a lot of trouble to go to for a C minus pun, but what do I know? (Given ten seconds just now, my sister and I came up with Cosmopolitik, Marxim, and Little Redbook, so)

And here's a non-silly thing on Karl Marx from NYRB. Because for every Internet action there's an equal and opposite Internet reaction. That's Newton's third law of motion, which concludes the educational portion of the day. You may now resume listening to "Fly" by Sugar Ray.

Actually, you know what? Here you go. Highly recommend watching for LOL facial hair alone. Stay fly, friends.


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