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Congrats to Adam Johnson, who just won the fiction Pulitzer for The Orphan Master's Son. Congrats, too, to the committee on choosing a winner this year.

Also re: the Pulitzer, Longform's got articles up by all the journalism winners and finalists here.

Granta made a list of the best young British novelists. Not that everything has to be gals v. boys for life no take backs or anything, but there are a heartening number of women on this list. (Also, of the whole list you've only read Zadie Smith).

Phone books are dead, long live phone books.

Renata Adler is everywhere these days. For instance, in this essay on Full Stop.

Here's a Vogue slideshow of Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buch. Was kind of so-so on the Gatsby movie before (I've got lukewarm feelings about motion sickness barfing in a movie theater), but now I'm sold on it. Think it's that Jay-Z song in the trailer/the ineffable hope of the American Dream?

Apparently, George Orwell's birthplace is becoming a park to honor Mahatma Gandhi. Okay sure. Why not? Aldus Huxley's birthplace is becoming a monument to Martin Luther King. Ray Bradbury's old plot in the community garden is becoming a fountain dedicated to Nelson Mandela. Anthony Burgess' two car garage is being transformed into a stirring tribute to Sojourner Truth, then razed and re-purposed into a lifelike statue of Kurt Vonnegut. It's all happening, you guys.

Jokes aside, what a sad and scary week. Here, a poem for Boston.

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