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In case you're a lazy slug person and this is your only source of news, legendary movie critic Roger Ebert died last week. In a desperate bid to make me weep, his final blog post the day before his death ended with "I'll see you at the movies." You win this round, R.E.

Some other people died, too. Like this lady. And this lady. Go read the news. What am I, the town crier?

An essay from The Millions about Barry Hannah's lost novel. I'm actually reading Airships right now and it's hilarious and amazing. "Testimony of Pilot" is about as good as it gets, short story-wise.

The latest New Yorker has a new story by T.C. Boyle. You can read it in full on line. T.C. Boyle! An often-excellent writer of words!

In no duh news, books are still dead/dying/limping along wheezing and losing dangerous amounts of blood. Can someone make books a tourniquet?

Related: authors are also doomed.

Todd Field (Little Children, In the Bedroom) will direct the adaptation of Jess Walter's latest novel Beautiful Ruins. This book looks so good, but I have not read it yet because I'm the aforementioned lazy slug person.

Haruki Murakami's new book has a title. It's called A Spooky Cat Is Up To Something. Not really. It's actually called Talking Sheep Will Infiltrate Your Dreams. Kidding again. The real title is Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki and the Year of his Pilgrimage.

Here's a Full Stop interview with Sam Lipsyte about his wonderful new collection, The Fun Parts. "Ode to Oldcorn" for the win.

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