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06 February 2013 on Blog, Linkstorm  

Philip Roth apparently told a young writer to quit writing because it's too hard. Here is a response from Elizabeth Gilbert. To paraphrase: "Uh, chill out, PR. It's sitting in a chair and making stuff up, not Chilean coal mining."

Lorrie Moore reviews the most delightfully bonkers show on TV for NYRB. I love Homeland. Do you love Homeland? I mean, Saul!

Times review of Tenth of December. If you live in New York City/want to burn me, go see Saunders at the Public Library on February 7.

One more piece of Saunders mania. An LA Times video chat with him.

If there's one thing the world needed, it was a comic novel about Hitler.

A Virginia Tech study has found that chick lit can hurt girls' body images. Just don't read them then, ladies! Just do not read them. Or if you're really that sensitive, read only books about people who are physically grotesque. Awesome book club idea: it's called the Physically Grotesque Book Club. We meet on Wednesdays. We are reading this first, then this, then this, and it's your week to bring wine. Body image issues solved. You're welcome.

It seems Theodor Seuss Geisel, MD had quite the collection of silly hats.

Some grumpy people are demanding refunds for Lance Armstrong's memoir It's Not About the Bike, It's About the Comical Amount of Roids. Haha, that cover. "Just get me in a low angle shot looking super sweet. Yeah, that's perfect. I love it."

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