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Tom Wolfe and John Irving have birthdays on Thursday. Did you get the e-vite to their joint bday party at Dave & Busters?

Eight songs from the musical based on Bright Lights, Big City. This is just a very good musical, you guys. Sample lyrics from the opening number: "Are you ready to roll?" "Where are we rolling?" "Into the heart of the night!"

You have until the end of the day to day to enter the NYT City Room's 2012 New York Pulp Fiction Contest. It's just 150 words. Go do it!

A lost Eugene O'Neill play about his suicide attempt is being published for the first time. Promises to be a droll spoof aimed more at the heart than the head.

The longlist is out for the Best Translated Book Award.

Here's an interview with Cheever biographer Scott Donaldson about how difficult his job is.

An interesting read about e-books from n+1. Read it it on your e-sofa under an e-afghan drinking e-cocoa.

This just in, John D'Agata stretches the truth!

--Erin Somers

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