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12 December 2012 on Blog, Linkstorm  

Happy birthday yesterday to Thomas McGuane! Send the waitstaff over to wearily sing Feliz Cumpleanos in sombreros.

The Millions continues its Year in Reading series. Here is Chris Ware's post. Here is Zadie Smith's.

Speaking of Chris Ware and the P.B.O.A.T. (Prettiest Book of all Times), here's NYRB on Building Stories and the rise of the graphic novel.

Confused Twitter user Brett Easton Ellis made some puzzling remarks about director Kathryn Bigelow in what one might call a desperate bid for relevancy.

Here's an animated short of Emily Dickinson's "I Started Early- Took My Dog." Can't say I personally made it past the super long zoom-in on a portrait of Emily Dickinson at the beginning, but maybe you will. Maybe super long zoom-ins are your thing. I don't know your life.

A well written Full Stop essay in defense of Goodreads. Skim skim skim.

Richard Russo, author of perfect comic novelĀ Straight Man wrote a memoir. Times review here.

Have you bought the winter issue of the Paris Review yet? Focus on Norwegian film featuring none other than Joachim Trier! It looks so good, you guys. Buy it now.

Karen Russell on creating rule governed dream worlds over at Tin House.

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