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What's so great about winning a McRib?

It's Thomas Wolfe's birthday today. Not cool Tom Wolfe of Bonfire of the Vanities fame. Lame Tom Wolfe of my college roommate talking about him a lot fame. She was always like "Blah blah blah Look Homeward, Angel" and I was like "Blah blah blah can we trade now so I get bottom bunk."

Junot Diaz won a McRib this week. Not sure what the big deal is. It's just a sandwich.

Dave Bry thinks you should read Cloud Atlas now before Tom Hanks' wig ruins it forever. Also here's David Mitchell on the Cloud Atlas movie for the Mag's Inspiration issue.

Another thing from The Awl: the five stages of grief following the publication of one's first book.

Here's an essay on Amis the Elder's Lucky Jim. If you haven't read it yet, you should before Tom Hanks' wig ruins it forever.

Lena Dunham is shopping a one million dollar book. Hm, sounds too low to me. Charge a frillion dollars. Charge a jillion dollars.

The American Heritage Dictionary was the first dictionary to include the f-bomb. "I'm not like a regular [dictionary], I'm a cool [dictionary]. Right Regina?"

Oh hey did you guys read Nonfiction Pizza Party yesterday? Bersell and I talk JJS. Shaq does come up, if you were wondering.

Lois Lowry released a sequel to The Giver, aka a child's introduction to euthanasia.

I'm about sick of Chabon at this point, but in this week's By the Book he name checks the Patrick Melrose novels which are cool. So, fine, Chabon. You get yet another mention.


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