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Nathan Englander's new collection What We Talk About When We Talk About Thinking About Referencing Raymond Carver looks good right?

Brb, gotta go camp outside the bookstore til Foxy Knoxy's tell all comes out.

You know what's cool? International graphic novels.

Fallen hero David Foster Wallace would have turned 50 yesterday. The Awl's got a nice piece about what to read to honor it. Myself, I'd start with this letter to Don DeLillo.

Sorry, it's Wallace day. Here's a thing about DFW and Franzen. It's got everything: Friendship! Realism! Bandanas!

The Millions dug up Invasion of the Space Invaders, a weird little book about video games Martin Amis dashed off in 1982. Intro by Steven Spielberg, like all the best literature.

Poetry International's second February issue's got poets from Ireland and Iran.

In honor of Presidents Day, some lunatics built a tower of books about Lincoln. Pshaw that's nothing, you should see my yurt made of books about Coolidge.

--Erin Somers

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