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"Is Michael Chabon effing with us? He's effing with us, right?" --Barack Obama, current President of the United States of America

It's Thomas Stearns Eliot's birthday today. Prufrock's like my mantra. Also happy birthday two days ago to F. Scott Fitzgerald. A good game to play with your best friend is who's the Fitzgerald and who's the Hemingway.

Chuck Dickens is fast climbing my list of pretty chill dead dudes. Check out this collection of fake book spines he had custom made for his library. I mean, Drowsy's Recollections of Nothing and Captain Parry's Virtues of Cold Tar. I'm not like laughing out loud or anything but those are pretty good for the times.

In this review of NW, paper of record The New York Times helpfully summarizes the plot but refrains from committing to an opinion. Linkstorm gives it one out of two sardonic eye-rolls. Also from the book review: more Junot Diaz. I'm at about full saturation level with the fellow. Speaking of the big three books that are all over the place right now, have you heard that Barack Obama is a character in Telegraph Avenue? Aha, what? No one knows.

The latest New Yorker's got a profile on J.K. Rowling that's infinity pages long. Fans of Grumbledore or whatever will want to check that out.

The impeccable Charles Portis has a new book out. Start with Norwood though. The title character keeps referring to his shoes as "these dudes," which is reason alone to read it.

Get on the Gillian Flynn tip, you guys. Gone Girl, Dark Places, Sharp Objects. Dark dark dark thrillers (like eight year-olds getting chopped up with an ax dark), but literary. Discussed on The Millions here.

Oh look, Irvine Welsh wrote a prequel to Trainspotting. Now raise your hand if you had that Choose Life poster in your college dorm room. [Everyone on Earth sheepishly raises hand.]

Full Stop on the films of Norman Mailer. Full Stop is excellent in general, use all your clicks on it.


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