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"These dino bones are exactly like Kafka and so is everything else."--Jeff Goldblum, Jurassic Park

Happy belated birthday yesterday to Tobias Wolff, the best short story writer they is, they is, they is. Listen to TC Boyle read Bullet in the Brain here.

Heat wave, y'all! Here are some hot weather reads if you need a recommend:  Ask the Dust, The Rum Diary, The Sheltering Sky, and Monstro, that new Junot Diaz story in the sci-fi issue of the New Yorker that absolutely kills.

Today's best link: from the Paris Review Daily, drunk texts from famous authors.

Here's a fashion spread from Vice UK of people dressed up like your favorite book characters. Ignatious Reilly is spot-on but Huck is barfing (?) and looks like one of the bad boys who used to hang in your high school art room and The Peemster's cheekbones could take your eye out.

Speaking of M. Pemulis, some insane Germans put on a 24-hour long play based on Infinite Jest which included transporting the audience to eight different locations. Theater as it is meant to be enjoyed! Lots of bus rides and tennis reenactments that are at once bizarre and torturously boring! Is this review written in the style of DFW complete with endnotes? NEED YOU ASK?

Here's an essay from The Millions comparing AMC's The Killing to Franz Kafka.* Haha, what? Sure, okay. Everything is like everything! All things are the same as each other!
*Scroll way, way down for it. You need a crack team of paleontologists (pictured) to unbury the lede in this one.

Winston Churchill's writings are being made available on e-reader. That's great news for dads. In a parallel universe where dads know how to use technology. True story, one time my dad goes "hey, I saw a text the other day" as if it was news. I was like "saw?"

Is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn your next read? Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is my next read.

Guernica's got a lost interview with Carlos Fuentes that I'm too lazy to make a joke about because it's hot out and it's making me feel like this bro.

--Erin Somers

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