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"I'm the OG." --Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass


Walt Whitman's bday is tomorrow. We're all in agreement that W.W. was cool, right? I think about this one a lot when I'm missing New York. Especially the part that goes: "I too lived —Brooklyn, of ample hills, was mine." That's a good line.

Here's another poetry link, thus fulfilling my quota for several weeks. An NYRB podcast with Henri Cole about his recent book of poems.

That HBO movie Hemingway and Gelhorn premiered this weekend, which means you can now watch it on your boyfriend's dad's HBO GO.

The latest New Yorker looks dope. It's the science fiction issue. Among many other folks we know and love it's got a crazy story by Jennifer Egan written to be consumed in 140 character bites on Twitter. Wacky! Let's all read it and talk earnestly about the future of the medium. Psych! Let's never do that ever.

Hey local kids! You going to see Joan Didion at the Portsmouth Music Hall on June 19? I'll be there shouting "Free Bird!" and sloshing warm beer all over the people in front of me. (Seriously though, only 13 bucks you guys).

Did you check out the second installment of Barnstorm's new column Nonfiction Pizza Party yesterday? "You down with NPP? Yeah you know me! Who's down with NPP? Every last homie [who reads a blog by a little known MFA lit journal, probably between 10 and 20 people if we're being honest]!"--Naughty By Nature

Add to your summer reading list: The Chemistry of Tears by Peter Carey. His last book had the Big Three (honor, friendship, early America), so I'm on board for this one.

The Millions on marathon readings, which are a thing, apparently. Not sure about listening to people read for 3 hours at a time, even if it is a memorial for DFW. Seems kinda inhumane. I mean, can we get some refreshments at least? Plastic cups of wine and some refrigerator cake? A handful of M&Ms? No? Jeez.

Here's an item that reads like a piece of satire aimed at our deeply stupid techno-glutton society: KFC is making Col. Sander's autobiography available on Facebook on June 4. The first chapter, "The Rising: Baking Bread and Beyond" (that's for real, I'm not making this up) is already available on their Facebook page if you can't wait that long. You: I cannot wait another second. I've waited my whole life already!

--Erin Somers


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