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"The five people you meet in heaven are Mark Twain, Shaq (who is dead in this scenario), and three others who you don't even notice cause you're flipping your flip over the other two." --Mitch Albom, The Five People You Meet In Heaven

It's your boyfriend Mitch Albom's birthday today. Romantic dindin for two at Chili's?

Oh dip, ladies. Mobile communications company Orange is pulling its sponsorship of the Orange Prize. So much for this I guess.

Here's a trailer for Baz Luhrmann Presents Moulin Rouge II: The Great Gatsby 3-D starring the guy from Titanic's very convincing forehead crease. I'll be there opening day barfing into my cloche from motion sickness/generalized ennui. "Who green lit this?"-- a great joke that clearly no one has thought of before.

This week's New Yorker (in addition to a killer cover) had a review by Lorrie Moore of Richard Ford's new book, Canada. We're all gonna read Canada right? Ahh, I cannot wait to read Canada! P.S. The review's behind the pay wall. But really, you need to get on the good foot and get your parents to get you a subscription already like the rest of us very serious adults.

A Brigham Young University study found that there's a lot of cursing in young adult novels. Ha, good. More swearing all around! Can we teach babies how to swear? I want my future baby's first sentence to be a string of expletives directed at its father.

Here's the Times review for that book of Franzen essays, Farther Away. If you were looking for proof that he mentions birds one million times, you can exhale. The Times confirms it.

You know those 33 1/3 books? Real quick: it's a series, one author chooses one album and writes  a mini-book about it. Anyway, the latest edition is by Brooklyn's native son Jonathan Lethem* and about the Talking Heads. The Millions reviews it here.
*You're legally bound to mention Brooklyn if you so much as think Jonathan Lethem's name. Otherwise you get sued for 10,000 Lethems, which is the currency in Brooklyn. If you have to ask the conversion rate, you are not cool enough to know.

From The Hairpin: an interview with Dave Hill who's new book of essays Tasteful Nudes is everywhere this week and has a great cover.

Speaking of book covers! Here's something I've been sitting on. But you know what? Today's the day, friends. Prepare to have your mind blown by the best book jacket ever designed. Are you ready? Okay here it is. BLAM. The Lime Pit. That weird butt shot! The placement of the car with total disregard to reason and aesthetics! That disembodied hand holding a pistol! Haha, The Lime Pit. Do you love? You do. You do love it.

--Erin Somers

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