"Poetry: Serious. Not That Serious." by Lucy Hitz

Poetry: Serious. Not That Serious.

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Valentine's Day Edition

In honor of Valentine's Day, I have curated some offbeat, surprising love poems for you, dear readers. There's a love poem to a nose, and a love poem to a sexy tattooed man, and everything in between, on this very heart-happy day!

1. Love Poem To A Body Part You Used To Hate:  To My Big Nose  by Lucia Perillo
This poem, addressed to the speaker's nose, begins like so:

Hard to believe there were actual years
when I planned to have you cut from my face—
hard to imagine what the world would have looked like
if not seen through your pink shadow”¦

And ends in a loving, coming-to-terms moment that acknowledges the speaker's imperfect nose as an inextricable part of her life's course—and perhaps even her life's true rudder:

”¦and you are not so cruel, though you frightened men off
all those years when I thought I was running the show,
pale ghost who has led me like a knife
continually slicing the future stepped into,
oh rudder/wing flap/daggerboard, my whole life
turning me this way and that.

2. Love Poem That Uses Jesus To Get Its Point Across: I Want To Say Your Name: a love poem by Veronica Patterson
The poem begins like so, direct and with a passion so strong that it boasts of religious fervor:

I want to say your name
the way Jesus said, “Mary,”
at the unstopped tomb”¦

And ends on a much dreamier, more personal, quite lovely, note:

”¦I would say yours once, to seal
who you are, why I've stayed.
“Mary,” he said (I would say your name)

and the wind blew between the letters.
Stars hung low over the peaks of the M
and in the a, a world orbited.

3. Love Poem About Goodbye: In Back Of by Linda Pastan

In back of “I love you”
stands “goodbye.”
In back of
stands “it was lovely
there in the grass, drenched
in so much green
Words that wait
are dark as shadows
in the back rooms
of mirrors:
when you raise
your right hand
in greeting,
they raise their left
in farewell.

4. Love Poem That Takes Place In A Parallel Universe Where You Can Only Say 167 Words Per Day: The Quiet World by Jeffrey McDaniel

... When the phone rings, I put it to my ear
without saying hello. In the restaurant
I point at chicken noodle soup.
I am adjusting well to the new way.

Late at night, I call my long distance lover,
proudly say I only used fifty-nine today.
I saved the rest for you.

When she doesn't respond,
I know she's used up all her words,
so I slowly whisper I love you
thirty-two and a third times.
After that, we just sit on the line
and listen to each other breathe.

5. Love Poem With A Tattoo Motif: First Poem for You by Kim Addonizio

”¦I love to kiss
the pictures in your skin. They'll last until
you're seared to ashes; whatever persists
or turns to pain between us, they will still
be there. Such permanence is terrifying.
So I touch them in the dark; but touch them, trying.


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