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Here's a list of 65 books you need to read in your 20s. Kinda hate when people tell me what I "need to do" in my twenties. Like I "have to" read On the Road. I "have to" french someone on the top of the Eiffel Tower. I have to dance like no one's watching. Or what, you guys? Or what?

Read about David Bowie in NYRB.

For Linkstorm's no doubt huge Canadian readership, an essay from The Millions on the Art Spiegelman exhibit in Vancouver.

The Man Booker shortlist is here! The Man Booker shortlist is here! Three cheers for the Man Booker shortlist!

Foxy Knoxy reads Marilynne Robinson, other things.

Your kooky uncle Brett Easton Ellis (referred to hilariously by Jacket Copy as 'prolix Twitterer') penned a long rant for Out Magazine about Jason Collins and "The Reign of the Gay Magical Elves."

Martin Short, contender for World's Best Human, is writing a memoir.

Have you guys scene Gatsby yet? Let's all skip Gatsby and see Frances Ha instead. Just kidding. That movie is coming nowhere near Regal Fox Run Stadium in Newington, New Hampshire.



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