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Hi Friends. Welcome to new and improved Barnstorm. While the rest of the world was fleeing/hunkering/paddling around these past few days we were busy doing a She's All That-style makeover montage on the site. So what do you think? Would you take New Barnstorm to the prom? What if it were part of a bet? What if it started out as part of a bet, but then you developed real feelings for it? Anyway, we're still tweaking things and working out the kinks, so bear with us. Special thanks to Molly Somers and Josh Lieberman whose design prowess and patience made this thing happen.

Okay one more personal note. If you're local, please come see me read [my fiction that I wrote from scratch] at Adelle's in Dover tomorrow (Thurs, November 1) as a part of their excellent Primal Tongue reading series. 7:00 PM, dudes. Don't make it be like that one birthday party I had in elementary school where only two kids showed up. Psych, that never happened to me. Just trying to pull ya heart strings.

It's John Keats' birthday. That superspooky day of the year where little children dress up like TB patients and go door to door reciting When I Have Fears That I May Cease to Be. TRICK OR KEATS!

"Fun size candy bars."

Click here to get loose as a goose with John Jeremiah Sullivan.

Sorry, I know I said that Adelle's thing was my last personal note, but check out this interview I did with Joshua Cohen for The Millions about his collection Four New Messages. Then go buy his book because it is excellent.

Here's Ian McEwan in defense of the novella for the New Yorker.

I saw Wig Atlas, the adaptation of the David Mitchell book, over the weekend. You guys see Wig Atlas yet? Pretty bonkers stuff. Asians playing white people! Black people playing white people! Youngs playing olds! Tom Hanks as a dystopian future goatherd! Everything's connected! But not how you might think. Review here.

The new T.C. Boyle book San Miguel looks pretty good. I think we can crown him king of historical fiction, no?

Courtesy of David Bersell, is this the first ever mention of Junot Diaz in a rap song? Might could be.





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