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Hold on to your butts.

In nature finds a way news, the most important writer of our time, Michael Crichton, had a birthday yesterday. Click through to the best website ever.

Here's a great interview with Junot Diaz from The Millions.

Full Stop's got a smart essay about the fetishisation of writers' processes and how they are always asked about them in interviews. Yeah, I hear this. Think it's kind of stupid when interviewers are like, "Do you write with a pen or a pencil? Which pencil? Describe the pencil. Go into more detail about the pencil. Wow, that pencil sounds great. Classic pencil."

T.C. Boyle answers all your pressing hair questions in a Times Magazine interview this week.

Back to Blood continues to sound like a masterpiece of high camp to me. Not so much to Michiko, but what can you do?

One more Times thing (Barnstorm: your number one source of links to the New York Times!). Chris Ware has a new graphic novel out. Chris Ware is amazing. I couldn't read Jimmy Corrigan because on page one an old dude put on a cardigan to go to the grocery store so he wouldn't get chilly and that was too sad for me to handle. But I'm gonna try to read this new one cause I'm very, very brave. Wish me luck.

Presented without commentary: David Foster Walrus.

Here's a chatroulette interview with Margaret Atwood. Kidding, not even sure what that means. It's a regular vid interview. But what if you were chatroulette-ing (is that even still a thing?) and it was like dong, dong, dong, Margaret Atwood, dong, dong.

Read this Bukowski poem "so you want to be a writer". It is good. Charles Bukowski! A great writer of words.

A list of the best bars for reading in New York. Or here's an idea: don't try to read at a bar. Some places are for reading and some places are for trying to get your swerve on. Don't drink Jager at the library. Don't study for a test on a water slide. Don't take a nap at the grocery store. Don't roast a bone at the dentist. And don't crack ya Proust open at Happy Hour. It's just learning to live in the world, people.


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