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This is what a Henry James book looks like (???)

Hey kids! School's back in session. Mourn the end of summer with this poem by David Berman. On the bright side...FALL: IT'S ON. Blazers! Leaves crunching under foot! Fresh beginnings! New England towns that smell like woodsmoke and produce a sweet, sad pang of longing in your chest. BUT FOR WHAT?

Anyway, it's R. Crumb's bday tomorrow. Celebrate by reading this Paris Review interview for their first ever Art of Comics.

The Awl's got a thing about various authors' fave foods. At last! Everything you never wanted to know about Gunter Grass and vanilla pudding.

Here's an essay from Full Stop about literary luddites and Jennifer Egan. J.Eg is cool but I hated that Powerpoint thing in Goon Squad. Don't make me hold the book a different way to look at charts please and thank you I should not have to ask.

Junot Diaz chilling at Coffee Shop in Union Square. We're all gonna read the new collection right? It's out September 11th, coolest day of the year.

Check out these Pantone color palettes inspired by authors. No Pantone 292, if you were wondering.

That D.T. Max biography of David Foster Wallace is out. The Millions has an excerpt.

Also from The Millions: people sure are worked up about Lionel Asbo: State of England.

Party at your place this weekend! We're making these Oscar Wilde-inspired drinks. You bring the Veuve, I'll bring the ascot. I've got nothing to declare but my drunkenness.

--Erin Somers

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