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This is a Leonardo DiCaprio fan blog.

In dead hero news, check out this footage Thomas Edison shot of Mark Twain in 1909. Isn't it the best when the superstars of American history hang out together? It's like a Pynchon novel or when the Flinstones meet the Jetsons.

The Millions makes the case for using your MFA to teach high school. Or we could all bang our wrists together until we pass out.

Moulin Rouge 2: Jay Gatsby Edition, This Time with More Ennui has been postponed to 2013. "We're not releasing this thing til Leo nails the forehead crease." --Baz Luhrmann.

Oh uh, Zeitoun's in jail for beating his wife. Seems overzealous do-gooder Dave Eggers omitted the part about the domestic abuse. Oopsie doops.

From NYRB: Charles Baxter on John Irving's In One Person.

Look, a Lena Dunham essay with one million mentions of twitter. Oh dip, Lena Dunham is into twitter? Who knew? She never talks about it. (P.S. It's behind the paywall. Get a New Yorker subscription, noob).

Here's an illustration from the Times of Gertrude Stein's all girl baseball team. Women playing baseball! Now I've seen everything.

Also from the Times, Padgett Powell's got a new novel out. Powell's synopsis: "Two weirdly agreeable dudes are on a porch in a not upscale neighborhood, apparently within walking distance of a liquor store, talking a lot.” That sounds great but you had me at "dudes."

Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis read aloud from 50 Shades.

--Erin Somers

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